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A Song Embodying the Korean-Nation-First Spirit
  There are many literary works reflecting the national pride and confidence in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  Among them is the song "Pyongyang Is Best".
  Here is a touching story about how it was created as a famous song loved by the Korean people.
  One day tens of years ago, Choe Jun Gyong who was a writer of the Korean People's Army Song and Dance Ensemble was given a task to create a song embodying the Korean-nation-first spirit by the great leader Kim Jong Il. The Korean-nation-first spirit is the pride of greatness of the Korean nation and the noble thoughts and feelings of the Korean people that are represented through their high degree of consciousness and will to further glorify the greatness of the nation.
  Choe Jun Gyong had keenly experienced the preciousness of the motherland during his foreign visits. He started to write the song without hesitation. Seeing flowers in a foreign land, he thought of flowers in his country. Seeing a cup of tea offered by foreign friends, he pictured to himself the spring water in his home village his mother scooped up for him.
  He dashed off the words of the song at a stretch.
  One day, Kim Jong Il saw the song "Pyongyang Is Best" written by him. And he wonderfully polished up the lyrics.
  Later, composer Ri Jong O set them to music. 

  On April 15, Juche 80(1991) Kim Jong Il listened to the song "Pyongyang Is Best" performed by the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble and said with pleasure: The song fully represents the Korean-nation-first spirit. A wonderful song has been created. Singing the song, I feel that Korea is best.
  As said above, the song "Pyongyang Is Best" was created as a masterpiece loved by all the Korean people under the energetic guidance of Kim Jong Il who loved the country and nation more ardently than anybody else.