/ Mailbag
Let's Further Deepen Our Friendship
  Dear listeners,
  Listeners to "Voice of Korea" continue to send us their e-mails and faxes.
  Dermot Hudson of Britain spoke highly of the immortal exploits performed by the great leader Kim Jong Il for the strengthening and development of the revolutionary armed forces of Korea on the occasion of August 25 when he started his leadership over them. Evan Murdoch congratulated the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on its recent success in the anti-epidemic campaign.
  Gu Yuming of China sent us a reception report enclosed with a note that he likes the updated homepage of "Voice of Korea". Igor Kolke of Russia also sent us a detailed reception report and constructive opinions along with his congratulations to the Korean people on September 9, the founding anniversary of the DPRK.
  Tomohisa Araki of Japan said he was sorry to send a fax after a long time, and glad to see the homepage of "Voice of Korea" which has been renewed and diversified in its form and content. And he requested some musical pieces of Korea.
  Recently, Li Zuolong and Wang Yongzhi of China, Andrey Novgorodsky of Ukraine, Tomasz Kotas of Poland, Mikael of Sweden, Angel Jose Leonardo of Argentina, Lorenzo Mainardi of Italy and many other listeners have sent us their e-mails enclosed with reception reports.
  We thank you for sending congratulations to share joy with the Korean people and actively cooperating with us through the reception reports.
  We expect that the friendship between "Voice of Korea" and you will be further deepened through mutual efforts.
  We wish you good health.