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They Share Joy in August
  Dear listeners,
  August 15 this year is the significant 77th anniversary of national liberation for the Korean people.
  The Korean people marked the Day of National Liberation with unusual feelings this year because the Democratic People's Republic of Korea declared at the National Meeting of Reviewing the Emergency Anti-Epidemic Work on August 10 that the malignant epidemic crisis brought to the country was completely removed.
  They felt more excited on the day as such achievements were made more than 100 days after the infiltration of the malignant epidemic into the DPRK and 91 days after the national prevention work was switched to the top-level emergency anti-epidemic system as regards the rapid nationwide spread of the pandemic.
  Just at the time listeners to "Voice of Korea" sent us e-mails representing their feelings in August.
  Dermot Hudson of Britain said.
  Korea's liberation is a result of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle organized and led by the great leader Kim Il Sung. After Korea's liberation the Korean people embarked on the road of building an independent state as masters of the country. This was a great inspiration to the revolutionary people of the world. August 15 is a great day for the progressive mankind.
  Upon the news of the National Meeting of Reviewing the Emergency Anti-Epidemic Work held in the DPRK, Wu Xiangpu of China said he was very pleased to hear that the DPRK won a victory in the anti-epidemic campaign under the leadership of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un and that the DPRK's victory in the anti-epidemic work clearly showed the superiority of the socialist system of Korea.
  Kenji Sakamoto of Japan said he was moved to hear the news of the declaration of victory in the anti-epidemic campaign of the DPRK, and continued: "It is a result of the unremitting efforts and devotion of the respected Kim Jong Un who led the anti-epidemic campaign. I was deeply impressed by his love for the people which is deeper than the sea. I send my sincere congratulations to the victory of Korean-style socialism."
  Joandric Ávila Fernández of Costa Rica said: I want to congratulate the Korean people, since they have managed to get ahead despite the adversity of the fever, which has now been controlled. I wish the Korean people a greater success under the wise and outstanding leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un.
  Dear listeners,
  Though we have not mentioned all of the news we received, you can feel deeply their true feelings.
  We express our heartfelt thanks to all our friends in the world sharing joy with our people all the time and wish all of them good health and happiness. Thank you.