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Never-to-Be-Condoned Capital Crimes
  The Japanese imperialists set up the Government-General in Korea on October 1, 1910. From that time they enforced the vicious colonial rule by governor-general in the whole period of their occupation of Korea. The atrocities committed by them during their rule left serious wound in the hearts of the Korean people.
  The Government-General in Korea was a heinous violent organ.
  The successive governors-general were all notorious hangmen. The first Governor-General in Korea Terautsi said "the Koreans must obey the law of Japan, or they must be killed". This shows well the ferocious and brutal nature of the Japanese imperialists.
  During their rule the Japanese imperialists enforced the unprecedentedly vicious policies of national obliteration.
  In the initial period the Government-General in Korea fabricated the system of gendarme and police in a bid to emasculate the anti-Japanese spirit of the Korean people and maintain their colonial rule and on its basis, enforced heinous medieval terrorism.
  The Japanese imperialists mobilized the gendarme and police mechanisms set up everywhere in Korea according to the "act on summary conviction of crimes" to punish Koreans at random without any legal procedures or trial. In 1918 alone, the number of Koreans arrested increased more than 10 times as against the year 1912.


  The Japanese imperialists ruthlessly killed more than 100,000 Koreans who turned out in the anti-Japanese popular uprising on March 1, 1919 in resentment against their growing oppression.
  In the 1930s they were hell-bent on massacre, saying; "If you kill 100 Koreans, you will find that at least one of them is a communist. Therefore you must kill the Koreans at random."
  The Japanese imperialists kidnapped and walked off more than 8.4 million Koreans for war and hard labour. Under the pretext of secrecy, they did not hesitate to commit brutal massacre which would make even brutes blush with shame.


  One of their crimes is the tremendous immoral crime that they reduced 200,000 Korean women to sex slaves. The Japanese imperialists set up the sex slavery not simply to preserve their fighting efficiency and tighten discipline. It was part of their policy to obliterate the Korean nation.
  In addition, the Japanese imperialists enforced the policy of "making the Koreans imperial subjects" under the deceptive slogans; "The Japanese and the Koreans are of the same ancestry" and "Japan and Korea are one". They went the lengths of depriving the Koreans of their full names and spoken and written language.
  There is no end to enumerate all the crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists during their rule.
  The Japanese imperialists made desperate efforts to perpetuate Korea as their colony and their past crimes can never be condoned.