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Song "Pyongyang at Night"
  Some time ago, Kening in Sichuan Province of China requested us by e-mail to play the Korean song "Pyongyang at Night".
  Now you'll appreciate the instrumental music "Pyongyang at Night", seeing pictures of new looks of Pyongyang. The song was created in Juche 67(1978) with poem by Paek Ha and music by Merited Artist Yu Myong Chon.
  We hope that other friends in many countries will also enjoy it, including Ling Yi of China, Nikita Podkovirin of Russia, Antonio Santos of Brazil and Shota Nakahara of Japan who want to visit the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and Dermot Hudson of Britain, Stephan Lipsius of Germany and Joandric Avila Fernandez of Costa Rica who are actively cooperating with us, listening to "Voice of Korea".