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Modernization Accelerated
  Active efforts are made in the field of pharmaceutical industry to expand the present productive capacity and raise the efficiency of production.
  In particular, many successes are made in the work to modernize the Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories on a higher level.
  An official of the Pyongyang City Koryo Medicine Production Management Bureau said more and more factories have modernized production processes according to the medicine production and quality control standard with each passing day.
  More than 10 Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories including the Junggu, Phyongchon, Mangyongdae and Pothonggang Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factories have perfectly built germ- and dust-free production processes in a year.

  Officials, technicians and workers of the Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories actively introduced advanced technology into the extraction, concentration and milling processes at the production sites by fully displaying their creative wisdom and collective strength, making it possible to produce highly efficacious medicines whose hygienic safety has been thoroughly ensured.
  They have equipped all the important points of the production processes with antibiotic materials and means and established a strict system of sterilization by ultraviolet lamp and air conditioner.
  As the modernization of the Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories has been actively accelerated, the material and technical foundations for increasing the variety and quality of medicines could be more firmly consolidated.