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Key to Increased Power Production
  The Pyongyang Thermal Power Station, an electric power producer in the capital, is increasing the production.
  Its officials and workers have carried out their daily, monthly and quarterly production assignments without fail this year which is vital to the implementation of the five-year plan.
  They are normalizing the current production and putting spurs to hitting the goal of technical innovation for the repair and modernization of boilers, making a contribution to the increased power production.
  Some time ago, the workers and technicians of the office for modernization of the automation workshop assembled the PLC general control panel for stabilized plasma ignition and combustion in three days.
  Here is worker Kim Kwang Hyok at the Heat Equipment Repair Substation.
  "We conducted the technical innovation movement to satisfy the demand for welding rods needed for repairing. At last, we made a lot of welding rods with scrapped alloy steel. We also displayed the spirit of helping other shifts to shorten the preparation time, thus making a contribution to earlier repairing."
  The modernization of production processes and the technical innovation at the Pyongyang Thermal Power Station lead to the increased power production for supplying electricity to the capital.