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Rich Harvest
  The Ryugyong Mushroom Farm on the outskirts of the capital Pyongyang is one of the units bringing about good results in the mushroom production.

  The farm is producing a lot of mushrooms every month by consistently putting efforts into science and technology.
  It uses heat-resistant plastic bottles as substrate containers, which are said to be recyclable and very effective for automating and streamlining the production on a high level.

  The technicians of the farm worked out a realistic technical development plan to provide various nutrients and substitute substrate needed for the production of good fungi and mushroom cultivation and stubbornly implemented it, achieving many successes. One of them is the scientific fixation of rational mixing rate to reuse waste substrate and its introduction into the production.
  Such sci-tech achievements lead to the increased mushroom production.
  The farm produces tens of tons of mushrooms every month and sends them to many units in Pyongyang including the baby home, orphanage, primary and middle schools for orphans, old people's home and district greens wholesale stores.

  The rich harvest at the Ryugyong Mushroom Farm is a due fruition of the sincere efforts of the employees who turned out to change theirs into a farm giving substantial benefits to the citizens.