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Sincere Efforts for Afforestation
  Young people are standing in the van of the work to turn the capital Pyongyang into a city in a park covered with green foliage.
  Here is Mun Chol Hyok, Deputy Department Director of the Pyongyang City Committee of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League.
  "We have planted trees in spring and autumn every year. In autumn this year, we are planting trees here on Munsu Hill as planned. All the young people are devoting their sincerity to the trees they plant."

  In the autumn tree-planting period, young people planted hundreds of trees of more than 10 kinds including chestnut and ginkgo with all sincerity on Munsu Hill with the feeling that they are not simply planting trees, but cultivating love for the country.
  Those in Moranbong District planted a lot of trees including cryptomeria and gold-leaf pagoda tree on Moran Hill, a scenic beauty of Pyongyang, in order to turn it more wonderfully into a thickly wooded pleasure ground.
  They also planted saplings of good species in the parks and pleasure grounds in the district in a planned way.
  They strictly observed the technical regulations to raise the rooting rate with a view that the number of the trees which struck their roots is more important than that of the trees planted.
  Jong Wi Ryok says:
  "I planted a large chestnut tree and wrote my name in the caretaker's tag. We promised to plant more trees and take better care of them in the future, too."
  The landscape of the capital city will become more beautiful thanks to such young people planting trees with their pure heart.