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Conspicuous Scene
  Changsong County, North Phyongan Province of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is mostly covered with mountains.
  The county is well-known for an abundance of wild fruits, medicinal plants including barrenwort and thorny ginseng and edible herbs such as leopard plant, anise and bracken in the mountains.
  Its officials and working people endeavour to turn the county into the one good at stockbreeding in the near future by raising a lot of good-breed sheep along with the useful mountains rich in wild fruits, edible herbs and medicinal plants.

  They are accumulating rich experiences while having a deep understanding of the technical problems for keeping highbred sheep in close contact with relevant units. On its basis, they have established a scientific breeding system and are rearing sheep properly.
  As a result, good-breed sheep bred hundreds of lambs in a few months.
  With the constant increase of sheep, the county has put efforts into creating pastures to provide a guarantee for raising lots of highbred sheep and built more than 10-kilometre-long road.
  Thanks to their efforts to turn their home into a place good to live in, a conspicuous scene is presented, in which herds of sheep graze on the vast pastures.