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Masters of Creation Trained

  Workers of the Songyo Knitwear Factory are studying in the sci-tech learning space of the factory.
  The learning space has hundreds of thousand sci-tech data at present.
  The factory fixed the dates of workshops and work-teams for using the sci-tech learning space and is operating it in a substantial way.
  In the learning space, the workers read information of world trend concerning production and hear lectures given by authoritative university professors.
  Many of them have graduated from the online education faculties of different universities or are studying at present.
  In those days a number of technical innovation proposals have been invented and introduced into production, making an active contribution to the technical development and production of the factory.
  New adhesive band and artificial fur production processes were built by the efforts and technology of the factory and the styles of clothes are constantly improved to meet the aesthetic sense of the times and diverse demands of the people for knitwear.
  The sci-tech learning spaces built at factories are the reliable bases for training all the working people as masters of creation and talented personnel.