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Embroidery "Lake Hoan Kiem"

  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was presented with the embroidery "Lake Hoan Kiem" as gift by the Permanent Vice-President of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Women's Union on July 24, Juche 102(2013).
  The gift depicts Lake Hoan Kiem, a symbol of Hanoi City.
  According to a Vietnamese legend, a king was groping for a way to defeat the foreign aggressors on the lake and received a mysterious sword from a turtle that came out of the lake.
  The king drove out the aggressors and defended his country with the sword, and came back to the lake to return it.
  Since then, the lake has been called "Hoan Kiem" (Returned Sword).
  Today the lake is regarded as a symbol of peace by the Vietnamese people.
  The gift is 45.5 centimetres wide and 35.7 centimetres long.