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Invention by All and Materialization to the End
  Officials and workers of the Posan Iron Works satisfactorily solve the problems arising in the normalization of production by their own efforts and technology on the principle of self-sufficiency, profitability and quality improvement.
  What is noteworthy is that the officials regard the mass technical innovation movement as a link of training talents and in the course, prepare the employees more firmly as talented personnel with diverse techniques and skills.
  Actually, they found out those with ability and strong enterprising spirit among the employees and assigned them to the important production processes. They enhanced the role of those people to further work up the enthusiasm of the masses for technical innovation at the production sites.
  When workers conceive a new idea, the officials saw their patriotism before considering the possibility for its feasibility and guided them to realize it, while discussing ways together and solving the knotty problems.
  Thanks to their strenuous efforts, the technicians and workers of the refractory workshop could produce quality firebricks with muck from coal mines without using any raw materials which had been brought from other locality.
  Invention by all and materialization to the end--it represents the past and present of the Posan Iron Works which has constantly increased the iron production and promises a greater success in the future.