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Desire and Strenuous Efforts
  The Democratic People's Republic of Korea powerfully promoted the production of consumer goods, regarding it as one of the urgent economic tasks for this year. According to it, consumer goods and daily necessaries exhibitions took place in the capital city and local areas.
  Many products won popularity at the exhibitions. Among them were electrical necessities produced at the Pyongyang Automation Appliances Factory. All the electrical necessities of the factory including fans and electric rice-cookers were made with locally available raw and other materials.
  This year, the factory set a goal of increasing the production of electrical necessities and providing different kinds of materials, once imported, by itself.
  To this end, technicians of the factory made researches in close contact with scientific research institutions, registering a lot of successes.
  As a result, the factory has recently realized the home production of raw and other materials and presented nice-looking products of good quality.
  Workshop Head Ko Jong Hyok at the Pyongyang Automation Appliances Factory says:
  "At a number of exhibitions we came to know well the great and warm affection of the people for the products we made. We also came to learn in detail about the people's feedback and demand from the developmental point of view. Now we are making positive efforts to readjust and reinforce the production processes, increase the number of skilled workers, improve the quality of products and lower the production costs."
  It is the desire of the officials and employees of the factory to make all things for people famous goods and commodities with their own efforts and technology.

  The producers are making redoubled efforts to bring about constant innovations without resting content with their achievements and thus live up to the trust and expectation of the people.