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Best Things Made with Domestic Raw Materials
  The Samilpho Specialities Factory is a comprehensive foodstuff factory in the capital Pyongyang.
  It is not large but widely known to the Korean people as it produces a lot of special foodstuffs with raw-material resources at home.
  The factory is warmly associated with the leadership exploits of the great leader Kim Jong Il who devoted himself to improving the people's living all his life.
  One day in April Juche 98(2009), Kim Jong Il visited the factory. Saying it is the will and determination of the Workers' Party of Korea to provide the people with the best things, he stressed the need to keep paying deep concern to ensuring the quality of the foodstuffs on the highest level.
  Always keeping the glorious day in their hearts, the officials and employees of the factory are devoting all their wisdom and enthusiasm to speeding up its modernization and increasing the variety and output of the products. 
  At present, all the business activities of the Samilpho Specialities Factory are conducted on a high level, ranging from the production to the packing of the products.
  The factory is producing tonics and hundreds of kinds of good processed foodstuffs with various raw materials which had drawn little attention of the people. Those foodstuffs are winning popularity for their peculiarity and high quality.

  True to the lofty will of Kim Jong Il's love for the people, the Samilpho Specialities Factory collects all those raw materials, big and small, in all parts of the country with beautiful mountains and clear water to produce nutritive foods of good quality, tonics and snacks for the children.