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Sol Islet of Sea Chilbo
  Sol (Pine) Islet of Sea Chilbo is in the sea off Pochon-ri, Myongchon County of North Hamgyong Province.

  It is about 0.1 kilometres away from the land. Originally, it was called Sol Islet. But now it is called Sol Islet of Sea Chilbo in the meaning that it is in Sea Chilbo of Mt. Chilbo, a celebrated mountain of Korea.
  The islet was separated from the land about 50 million years ago. It was mainly formed by the abrasion and weathering of rhyolite and perlite.
  It is about 34 metres high and 0.4 kilometres round.
  It is thick with pine trees and many oak and maple trees are growing there as well.
  Sol Islet of Sea Chilbo known as a beauty spot is of scenic and scientific value. So it is under protection as a natural monument.