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Goal and Practice
  The Chollima Steel Complex plays a big role in the steel production of the country. Its officials and workers have turned out with redoubled efforts to attain the grand goal set by the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.
  They have set a realistic long-term objective for steel production.
  They plan different projects in a prospective way for revitalizing the production and expanding the capacity and make full preparations for them.
  The huge projects include the construction of energy-saving oxygen-blast furnace for decreasing the dependence on scrap iron and the installation of ultra-high power electric arc furnace and oxygen plant.
  For the present, they work hard to finish the project for increasing the continuous casting machines in time.
  They are making devoted efforts from early January, fully aware of the first-stage task in the implementation of the long-term objective for expanding the production capacity.

  Extraordinary is their working manner to realize the objective, conscious of their role in glorifying this year as a year of making a big stride in the national economic development.