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With the Honour of Educator
  Song Kyong Hui in her 30s is a teacher at the Ryongwang Senior Middle School in Central District of the capital Pyongyang. She is respected as an able creator of new teaching methods among educators and as "our teacher" among students and their parents.

  She always racks her brains to increase the cognitive and practical abilities of students in the foreign language subject to the maximum with the honour of an educator cultivating the future of the country.
  When she became a teacher of the school after graduation from Kim Chol Ju University of Education over 10 years ago, Song Kyong Hui had a difficulty for a while.
  Because the foreign language teaching method she had studied since her university days did not prove effective in reality.
  But she was encouraged by her middle school teacher who had inspired her to become an educator and given active assistance to her.
  The teacher told her that in creating a new teaching method or inventing a modern teaching tool, she should study and work hard from the standpoint that she bears the responsibility for the future of the country.
  From then on, Song Kyong Hui continued her speculation with main stress on achieving successes in education that completely accord with the characteristics of the students in studying and analyzing the world trend of educational development and applying it to reality.
  She stayed up numerous nights studying diverse teaching methods for the students to easily understand the contents of lessons.
  In the course, she invented efficient and superior teaching methods and aids one after another, enabling the students to have a high ability of speaking and writing foreign language in their middle school days.
  Song Kyong Hui says:
  "We, teachers, work hard to improve our abilities and qualifications and create new teaching methods in order to train the students as talented personnel of creator and developer type. In the course of it, new teaching methods using speech recognition programs have been created to help the students master the rules on correct pronunciation and improve their listening and speaking abilities. Also studied and applied are teaching methods enabling the students to learn the knack of conversation and translation in the interesting lessons."
  Song Kyong Hui received over 10 new teaching method registration certificates and experimental apparatus and teaching aid invention certificates. She is respected by people as the master of the lessons awaited by the students.