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Samson Rocks in Mt. Kumgang
  Mt. Kumgang is known as one of the six celebrated mountains in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for its magnificent, beautiful and singular landscape of myriad shapes.
  Samson (Three Heavenly Men) Rocks are one of many fantastic rocks in Mt. Kumgang.

  They are standing at the entrance to the district of Manmulsang which was named so as all forms of things in the world seem to be put together in a place.
  They are so high enough to touch the sky. They have been designated as a natural monument since they are specially wonderful and beautiful.
  Samson Rocks are made up of granite of the Tanchon complex in the Jurassic period of the Mesozoic era.
  The three rocks are about 30 metres high. They look alike but they have their own peculiarities.
  The rock in the front is as sharp as a spearhead, the one in the middle is somewhat edgeless and the one in the back is blunter.
  Pine, azalea and other plants are growing in the crevices of the Samson Rocks, presenting a beautiful view.
  Samson Rocks are of scientific significance as they can show the crustal movement and the topographical development. They also add beauty to the scenery of the world-famous Mt. Kumgang.