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"Real Grandchildren" of a War Veteran
  Here in the picture you can see war veteran Ri Han Gun living in Minhung-dong, Moranbong District of the capital city Pyongyang, and students Pak Jin Ryong and Pak So Yon at Kim Il Sung University.
  Ri Han Gun served in the army all his life. He performed a lot of feats for security of the country and happiness of the people.


  Pak Jin Ryong and Pak So Yon are siblings. On holidays they first call on him to offer their greetings. They often come to see him to his pleasure on usual days as well.
  Many people think they are real grandchildren of the old man. In fact, however, the old man and the students are not blood relations.
  Pak Jin Ryong and Pak So Yon came to know the old man through their parents. When they were little, they often called on the old man together with their parents, which goes on up to date.
  It represents the pure mind of the new generations to respect and follow the revolutionary seniors all the time.