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Yangdok Hot Spring Resort
  The Yangdok Hot Spring Resort is in Yangdok County of South Phyongan Province.
  There are the areas for sanatorium, physical and cultural bases and welfare service amenities including the Indoor and Outdoor Spa Baths, the Skiing Area, the Riding Park and hotels.

  The Yangdok hot spring gushes out from a valley between hills thick with pine woods. It was well-known for its excellent pharmacological action from olden times.
  Experts say Yangdok is a very ideal area for nature-cure in view of the hot spring, mineral water, climate, scenery and herbal resources.
  There are Hotel No. 1 with good scenery, Hotel No. 2 with sporting goods, Hotel No. 3 with quieter and cosier environment, Hotels Nos. 4, 5 and 6 standing around the park and the panel-style lodgings which are as cozy as a villa at the foot of a mountain.
  There are also tens of water tanks with different functions and ingredients in the Indoor and Outdoor Spa Baths including those for spa bath with a number of medicinal materials.

  The open-air bath in pine woods can be enjoyed in the morning, afternoon and evening and at night.
  What is most conspicuous in the Outdoor Spa Baths is the egg-boiling site. The eggs boiled in mineral waters with the temperature of 70~80 degrees centigrade are said to be delicious.

  Yangdok has much snow.
  One feels pleasure, looking at the scenery of snowcapped mountains with one's body in a hot spring and exposed to snow. It is a charm of the hot-spring recreation in winter.
  Especially, all the fatigue is said to be relieved by various kinds of spa baths after skiing.

  The sanatorium in the centre of the resort provides scientific and systematic medical services combining treatment by means of nature-cure such as hot spring, mud and sand with manual therapy, physiotherapy and kinesitherapy mixed with rest and diet appropriately.
  The general service centre also provides the holidayers with enough rest and diverse cultural and emotional life.
  Pavilions and parks have been built in different places of the resort.
  The pleasure of the Korean people is growing all the more along with the hot-spring water which does not run dry.