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Obliging People
  In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, people regard it as a good virtue and moral obligation to love and respect the war veterans and devote themselves to them.

  War veteran Ri Sang Jun living in Jungsong-dong, Central District of Pyongyang City says his house is visited by so many people.
  Not only the officials and residents of his village but also the officials and working people in the district regard him as one of their families and take care of him with all their sincerity lest he should feel any inconveniences in his life.

  Employees of the Shop of the Pyongyang Grand Theatre have become his "real children" for several years.
  Manageress Pak Hye Suk says:
  "Whenever meeting the war veterans, we feel that they are all simple and honest.
  Seeing their true hearts, we keenly feel how we have to live."
  The employees of the shop look after the war veterans like their own flesh and blood, saying there is nothing to spare for them who had fought for today's happy life.
  They pay special concern to the living of the war veterans treasured by the state, regarding it as their duty to take care of them.
  Busy as they are with their service activities, they learn in detail about the health and life of the war veterans and prepare tonics and various kinds of foods for them with sincerity.
  They often organize special services on usual days as well as on holidays and birthdays so that the war veterans can sit together and have a meal while looking back upon what happened during the war.
  That's why the war veterans regard the employees of the shop as their daughters, opening their heart that our country with many kind people like them is the best.