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Mounting Enthusiasm
  The Sixth Enlarged Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea regarded the housing construction, a revolution bringing about an epoch-making change and an undertaking welcomed most by the people, as the primary policy-oriented task and presented a task to push ahead with the capital city construction on a larger scale this year, the third year of construction of 50,000 flats in Pyongyang City.
  In order to carry out the task, workers in the field of building materials industry are working hard to produce and supply a lot of building materials needed for the construction project.
  The Pyongyang Metal Building-Materials Factory is endeavouring to expand the sphere of development of metal building materials and solve the issue of raw materials needed for their manufacture with domestic resources while carrying out its production assignment.

  The factory has smoothly carried out its assignment under the national economic plan for recent few years. But its officials could not rest content with it because there were some deviations in the production of goods at their unit. The factory was only producing some building parts needed for major projects as well as ordered goods. This was far from the Party policy on increasing the variety of products badly needed for the people's living.
  Later, the factory mobilized all its technical forces to develop new products. What was important here was to localize all the materials and products.
  With a clear goal, the officials directed efforts to raising the creativity of highly skilled workers so that they could be successful in the test of materials and the production of trial products.
  It was not easy to research into materials to be used instead of the imported ones and make moulds of products through a number of tests and paint them. But the employees of the factory finally succeeded in doing it with their concerted efforts.
  All of them were pleased to see the new products completed thanks to their persevering efforts. The finished products fully represented the enthusiasm of all.
  Not resting on their laurels, the employees of the factory have turned out to develop and produce other products with higher goal.
  The officials, technicians and workers of the factory are replete with a will to make a greater success in the New Year. Their development-oriented enthusiasm will bear a good fruit.