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To Produce Perfect Medical Appliances
  These days, the medical appliances produced at the Pyongyang Electronic Medical Appliances Factory are popular among users for their good quality. The factory is producing tens of kinds of electric and electronic medical appliances. Especially, the appliances for far infrared therapy and the functional diagnostic facilities give a great help to the patients and health workers.

  The factory has a space for practice which was built to get a correct estimation of the produced medical appliances. Here, medical workers of the units concerned are given passing-on-technique before receiving medical appliances. In the course, the producers bring together the opinions of users, which is an important factor of improving the quality of the medical appliances.
  Basing themselves on those opinions, the employees of the factory speculate and make efforts to produce perfect medical appliances. Therefore, they have recently established a new robotized painting process with their own efforts and technology. They have also built a new automatic welding process which can improve the quality of the medical appliances and increase their productivity at the same time while saving manpower.

  The factory is actively developing equipment for rapid diagnosis and treatment at present.
  The employees are working hard to provide the people with wonderful conditions for medical services by producing larger quantities of good-quality medical appliances. Their high enthusiasm will bring a better fruition.