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"Tasty Medicine"
  It is a world trend to protect health and cure various diseases with foods. A lot of health foods conducive to improving the people's health are developed and produced in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  One of them is black garlic developed and produced by the Kangbong Health Food Factory.
  From olden times, garlic is widely known to the Korean people as highly efficacious natural medicinal materials. The factory fermented and matured it in a bionic way to make the black garlic, which increased the medicinal value of raw garlic many times and got rid of the irritating effect on the stomach and eyesight. The black garlic is very good to eat because it is garlicky and sour and sweet like dried fruit.

  The black garlic is called "tasty medicine". It has an amazing effect on the prevention and treatment of cancerous, heart and cerebral vascular diseases, diabetes, pancreatitis and liver diseases and raising the immunity. It has also a remarkable ability to wash the blood vessel. So, it is called blood vessel cleaner.
  Those who took the black garlic unanimously say that about one month after taking two or three cloves of it, various diseases in their bodies disappeared, and blood got purified, bodies light and faces fair.
  Technicians of the factory have also developed black garlic concentrated juice, which is said to show more clear curative effect than the black garlic.
  Those health foods were highly estimated at national sci-tech festivals. They are specially popular among the housewives and old and middle-aged people.