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Victory Brought by the Great Army-People Unity
  The great army-people unity is the foundation and one of the enormous wealth of our society.
  It is the perfect unity in which the people and the service personnel of the People's Army are closely rallied in moral obligation and with the same ideological spirit and fighting manner.
  The People's Army always plays a leading role in achieving the great army-people unity.
  The service personnel make a breakthrough at the head of defending the nation and building a prosperous country and sacrifice their lives for the people without hesitation under the slogan "We serve the country and the people!".
  The people value and love the service personnel like their own flesh and blood and assist them with all sincerity, further cementing the affection for and unity with them.
  Our people and service personnel achieve the greatest successes and victories by dint of the great army-people unity while cooperating and keeping step with each other with one mind and purpose.
  Last year, too, they were always together at the sites of the socialist construction.
  The great victory in the anti-epidemic campaign was the victory of the army-people unity and cooperation.
  During the top-class emergency anti-epidemic period, medics of the People's Army promptly entered into the supply of medicines to the capital citizens and fully displayed the unconditional love and devotion for the people.
  The construction of the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm was a miracle wrought by the strength of the great army-people unity, the national trait peculiar to our state.
  The soldier-builders pushed forward with the project day and night with the noble mind that the harder they work, the happier the people will become.
  During the construction, people in South Hamgyong Province shared sweets and bitters with the soldier-builders and planted and took care of the trees of the windbreak and turfs with sincerity.
  As a result, the huge project was finished in over 230 days.
  The might of the great army-people unity was fully displayed in the construction of 10,000 flats in the capital city of Pyongyang, the large-scale Orangchon Power Station and dwelling houses in the Komdok area as well.

  The great army-people unity in which the people and the service personnel of the People's Army share the same destiny is the true nature of socialist Korea.