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Able Educator of Talented Artistes
  Professor Sin Yong Chol, Dean of the Western Instrumental Music Faculty of the Pyongyang Kim Won Gyun University of Music and Dance, is recognized as an able teacher in the field of violin education in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

  He began to learn the violin at the age of eight, showing his talents soon. While learning from famous violin educators, he possessed high execution.
  He attended the then Pyongyang University of Music and Dance with an ambition to become a good violinist. The state sent him abroad for study.
  In those days, he made strenuous efforts to further improve his playing ability and studied different types of advanced teaching methods at odd hours.
  He returned home after graduating from a foreign university with honours. He became a teacher training reserve artistes to return the favour of the state.
  Since then, he has been involved in the honourable and worthwhile work all his life.
  He always thought and studied hard to acquire teaching qualifications capable of training students well according to their aptitudes and abilities.
  His painstaking efforts brought a good fruition.
  Over the past 30-odd years, he has trained 16 students as winners of the individual contest for February 16 Art Prize and many other students as prominent artistes of the country.
  His disciples are now active at major art organizations and art educational institutions of the country including the State Merited Chorus and the National Symphony Orchestra.
  And different kinds of textbooks and reference books written by him are used as valuable teaching materials for violin education.

  To be a strong root that bears only sound fruits--it is the motto of Sin Yong Chol who has devoted his all to training reserve artistes for over 30 years.
  He is still devoting all his passion and talents to the education of promising artistes of the country.