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Movements of Artistic Gymnastics Named after DPRK Gymnasts (1)
"Ri Se Gwang Movement" and "Ri Se Gwang Movement No. 2"
  Whenever new difficult movements of artistic gymnastics are performed at games, the International Gymnastic Federation deliberates and decides on every movement concerned and names it after a gymnast who performed it for the first time.
  Among those movements recorded in the Federation are the "Ri Se Gwang Movement" and "Ri Se Gwang Movement No. 2".
  "World-class movement debuted", "Highly risky and exciting movement", "Remarkably high level" and so on--these are the comments of the world press and experts on the successful results of Ri Se Gwang from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea who perfectly performed peculiar and highly difficult movements at the International Gymnastics Championships held in 2012 and 2014.
  At the Fifth Asian Gymnastics Championships held in China, Ri Se Gwang wonderfully performed the backward double somersault with knee bend and 360-degree turn, which had been tried by no gymnast in the world in the men's vaulting horse event, taking the first place to the admiration of the experts and spectators.
  The International Gymnastic Federation named the high-level technical movement "Ri Se Gwang Movement", which was performed through a chain of smart and fast movements raging from the start-run to somersault and landing.
  Ri Se Gwang did not rest content with it but trained harder. Two years later, he perfectly performed another new technical movement in the men's vaulting horse event of the 45th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships.
  He performed the forward double somersault with pike and 180-degree turn, shaking the world gymnastic circles once again. The International Gymnastic Federation registered it as "Ri Se Gwang Movement No. 2".

  Later, Ri Se Gwang won gold medals in a number of international games including the 31st Olympic Games and the 46th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. As a result, he became an Olympic gold medalist and triple world champion.