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Efficacious Liquid Fertilizer
  Scientists of the Agriculture Informatization Research Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science have developed highly efficacious liquid silicon fertilizer and actively introduced it into the farming.
  Silicon is recognized as an important element indispensable for the growth of the crops. But it is said that soil contains extremely small amount of mobile silicon which can be absorbed by the crops. Therefore, the use of liquid fertilizer is encouraged in the agricultural practice, which is made by separating silicon into ionized form to be easily absorbed by the crops.
  Researcher Kim Yun Chol says:
  "The problem is that the artificially separated siliceous ion in the fertilizer turns into sediment after some time in the liquid for its character. Then, the effects of the liquid silicon fertilizer decline. That's why we intensified our research to develop a new liquid silicon fertilizer which has overcome the shortcoming.
  After much effort, we optimized the mixing ratio of additives which can ensure the dispersion stability of silicon ion in the liquid to raise the absorption and utilization rate of silicon and thus succeeded in developing the liquid silicon fertilizer with good effects and low consumption."

  The liquid silicon fertilizer has an advantage of keeping its original state even after one year of storage as it has good dispersion stability in the water.
  It has been introduced into a number of farms, with the result that the rooting rate of rice seedlings is ensured at over 99 percent as their resistance to pathogenicity, falling and drought has got incomparably stronger than ever before.
  It is recognized as a very effective fertilizer enabling many farms to reap high and safe harvest despite abnormal climate.