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Let's Do Exercises According to Ages
  Exercise is very good as it builds up your body. But it can prove effective when you do it persistently according to your age and physical strength.
  Here are the tips for exercises according to ages.
  - 20s~30s
  A person with no particular disease may do any exercise. But if he or she suddenly does excessive exercise, he or she may have overstrain on his or her body.
  However busy you may be, you'd better do exercises such as cycling and running about three times a week.
  After the exercises you should do light physical jerks and have a short bath to relieve the tension of the muscles. Then your exercise can prove effective.
  - 40s~50s
  In your 40s when the instantaneous force, speed and endurance start to decline, most of your functions and physical strength become much worse. So it is good to have your body conditions before the start of exercise or motor capacity diagnosed.
  In that period you should not exceed 20 to 30 minutes in doing exercise and it is necessary to reduce the risk of impairing health through good warming-up.
  Before playing tennis and table tennis, you'd better have walking or jogging and do exercise with dumbbells lest your joints and ligaments should be overstrained.
  In that period you should avoid an intensive exercise with sudden and fast movements and choose the exercise which can help enhance the functions of heart and lungs.
  - 60s
  You should select the kind of exercise according to prescription after medical evaluation.
  Walking, cycling and light mountaineering are the exercises with less burden.
  In that period joints get weak and so it is good to walk on the soil rather than walking on a hard asphalt road, which may reduce the impact on joints to one tenth. When you do exercise in cold winter or in the season-changing period, in particular, you should pay attention to keeping your body warm. And you should not stay long with sweat cooled off even after an exercise.