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Comprehensive Early Musical Education Centre
  The Kyongsang Kindergarten in the capital Pyongyang is well-known at home and abroad. Because many musical prodigies trained by the kindergarten struck the people with admiration on national and international arenas.

  Lots of its graduates grew to be international contest winners and conductors, creators, players and educators loved by people.
  The Kyongsang Kindergarten has got wonderful conditions and environment needed for early musical education under the concern of the state and society.
  It teaches national musical instruments including the kayagum and the oungum and western musical instruments such as the piano and the violin.


  The kindergarten puts great efforts into finding out children sensitive to music.
  It selects musical instruments for children on the basis of deep study of their musical aptitude and talents, physiological conditions and so on, and actively adopts various creative teaching methods. It also applies visual education, demonstration and education in practical life in diverse ways according to the intellectual development of the children.

  The Kyongsang Kindergarten will produce a lot of musical prodigies in the future, too.