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Recommendations Good for Improving the Brain Function
  - Review your dietary life.
  Try to take fish, egg and milk every day. They are essential for the brain to perform its function satisfactorily.
  Banana, nuts and grapes retard the aging of the cells of human body.
  Chocolate and cocoa improve the thinking activities onto a high level.
  Drinking kefir in the evening consolidates the memory.
  - Oxygen is essential to the brain.
  Do the exercise of breathing out and holding your breath for five minutes every day. Hold your breath as long as you can before breathing in, and a sufficient amount of oxygen comes into the brain.
  - Sport is a very good way to improve the brain function.
  All the physical exercises have a positive effect on the brain. They normalize the functions of all the internal organs.
  - Train your brain.
  Play chess or paduk (go) or do crossword puzzle. You can solve riddles or learn a poem or a favourite song by heart. It is also good to learn a foreign language.
  Do your habitual work often with your eyes closed.
  You can do all others with your left hand.