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Movements of Artistic Gymnastics Named after DPRK Gymnasts (2)
"Kim Kwang Suk Movement"
  More than 30 years has passed since the "Kim Kwang Suk Movement" was registered in the International Gymnastic Federation. But this movement remains a fantastic movement in the world gymnastic circles since no gymnast of other countries has copied after it.
  In the uneven bars of the 25th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships held in Germany in October 1989, Kim Kwang Suk performed the fascinating movement of hanging on a higher parallel bar and rocking forward before straddling for forward somersault and then downward hanging for the first time in the world, evoking the surprise and admiration of the experts and spectators.
  In the uneven bars of the 26th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships held in 1991, she perfectly performed another difficult movement of her special technique, taking the first place with the perfect score of 10 points.
  At that time, world media lavished their praises on her, saying; "The gym experts and enthusiasts and spectators were completely fascinated by Kim Kwang Suk of Korea who got the perfect score of 10 points in the finals of individual apparatus of the championships." "The experts rated her movement the best one that could not be seen in the gymnastic games so far."

  Afterwards, too, Kim Kwang Suk won gold medals at a number of international games.