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Creators of Artistic Landscapes
  Today the demand of the people for creating a beautiful life space in connection with the nature leads to a great interest in potted plants.

  In accordance with it, the Potted Plants Institution under the Academy of Horticultural Science is actively studying and disseminating various gardening technologies.
  In recent years the institute has presented diverse shapes of plant sculptures and cultivation methods of combining trees of different coloured kinds, making an active contribution to the afforestation of the capital city.
  Researcher Nam Jong Hyok says:
  "We are directing efforts to theoretically amassing the technologies and methods for making trees of various shapes and disseminating them to the horticultural stations."
  The institute is intensifying the research into the method of growing plants concerned in a formative and artistic way according to their unique biological characteristics.

  The researchers are pooling their wisdom to perfect the rational cultivating methods according to varieties and sizes of plants and trunks and shapes of trees.
  They strive to find out more new methods to grow trees of same species in different geometric shapes by controlling their growth.

  Endless is their enthusiasm to make beautiful and diverse artistic landscapes for the people.