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Movements of Artistic Gymnastics Named after DPRK Gymnasts (3)
"Ri Chol Hon Movement"
  The "Ri Chol Hon Movement" is one of the world-famous movements of artistic gymnastics named after gymnasts of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  Ri Chol Hon performed it at the 21st World Gymnastics Championships held in Moscow in 1981.
  The movement consists of various technical actions to be performed in succession on the parallel bars in a shot time. It demands agility and boldness as well as high space sensibility.
  Ri Chol Hon performed the movement of swinging backward and somersaulting forward with straddle before supporting himself with his arms stretched on the parallel bars, which nobody had done before. A lot of spectators and experts admired his fascinating movement and gave him a big hand.

  Afterwards, the movement was registered as the "Ri Chol Hon Movement" in the International Gymnastic Federation and rapidly disseminated among many male artistic gymnasts of the world.