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Khokkiri Rock on Pidan Island
  Khokkiri (Elephant) Rock on Pidan Island is a natural rock in Sindo County of North Phyongan Province. It is standing in the southwestern part of Pidan Island and looks like an elephant. Hence the name.

  The granite rock is 46 metres long and 15 metres high and its trunk 9 metres round.
  A small rock resembling "ivory" is seen in the part of its head and a small hole in the middle part of the trunk.
  The Khokkiri Rock is in the seawater or exposed by high and low tides. When it is in the water, it resembles a swimming elephant and when the tideland is exposed, it seems to be drowned in bog.
  The rock is of significance in studying the weathering and natural change of granite. It is a natural monument adding beauty to the seaside.