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To Be Active, Cheerful and Imperturbable
  Being active, cheerful and imperturbable is the basis of the good characteristic features of man and it is one of the good ways for long life in good health.
  That's why the medical world attaches great importance to the influence of the disposition and character on the mental and physical health of the people.
  According to many research data, most of the optimistic and cheerful people are on a good emotional regimen. They are modest and prudent, have a broad view of matters, attach importance to work and think of big jobs rather than small interests. Therefore, they are said to avoid misfortunes of life comparatively well and get mental stability.
  Then, how can you make your mentality reach the above-said level?
  First of all, you must have a high ambition and set a correct goal to be attained.
  Next, you should repress your greed with pure mind and overcome selfishness and a jumble of thoughts.
  It is also important to cultivate your mentality, maintain your refreshed mood and enrich the content of life. You should deal with all happenings in everyday life correctly and know how to control your bad feelings. Besides, you'd better make your life richer and diverse by broadening the sphere of hobby or liking.