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To Propagate Useful Plants
  Scientists of the Biological Engineering Branch of the State Academy of Sciences are powerfully pushing ahead with scientific researches to propel the economic development of the country.
  Kil Ho Yong, Section Chief of the Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, says:
  "Our institute has made researches into those plants which are valuable in the development of pomiculture and the urban afforestation. In the course, we have established the technology capable of propagating a lot of plants including dwarf apple tree and varieties of rose with ornamental value in the way of tissue culture."
  Researchers of the branch academy have selected a dwarf apple tree growing well in natural environment and repeated the course of tissue culture to establish rational conditions for culture.

  In the course, they clarified anew the substrate needed for acclimatizing cultured saplings to the greenhouse, its germ-free condition and the method of keeping saplings at the stage of their growth.
  Besides, they solved a number of technical problems including the temperature and light of new-type stock and succeeded in growing the stock of new dwarf apple tree.
  Last year, they sent choice varieties of saplings produced in the way of tissue culture to all parts of the country.
  The new stock draws attention of the experts as it is suited to the climate conditions of the country and can be extensively multiplied in a short period.
  Now the researchers are making a research for putting the explanted sapling production process on a scientific basis, which can extensively propagate plants with high medicinal value such as black chokeberry and rowanberry.
  Section Chief Kil Ho Yong says:
  "We will, in the future, further intensify the research into the plant tissue culture technology and make a greater number of valuable research findings conducive to the economic development of the country."

  They continue their speculation and research to propagate a lot of useful plants in a bionic way.