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Education in National Musical Instruments Encouraged
  In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the education in national musical instruments is actively encouraged not only at the art educational institutions but also at ordinary schools.
  The Kaeson Senior Middle School in Moranbong District of the capital Pyongyang teaches students different kinds of national musical instruments including kayagum, Janggu and tanso at extracurricular circles.
  Teachers of the school make a deep study of the means of expression and executions of national music including the tune and on its basis, constantly find out and intensify the teaching methods suited to the ages and psychological features of the students.

  Teacher So Chun Yong says:
  "We began to encourage national musical instruments in the extracurricular circle activities in order to make the students foster the love for their own. We guide them to play national musical instruments more skilfully while representing a piece of singing with their own accompaniment. This way, we encourage the students to love the folk songs and national musical instruments all the more."
  As the education in national musical instruments is intensified, more and more students learn national musical instruments every year and excellent reserve artistes are produced.
  The education in national musical instruments at the school serves as a course of fostering not only artistry but also patriotism among the rising generations.