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People's Actor Hwang Yong Il
  People's Actor Hwang Yong Il, who lived between May 20, 1919 and March 6, 1989, is one of the talented actors who left indelible traces in the Korean film history.
  He was born into a poor family in Hongwon County of South Hamgyong Province and made his debut for the stage in July Juche 28(1939).
  During the Japanese imperialist colonial rule and after the liberation of Korea, however, he had to undergo a lot of turns and twists in south Korea because of crackdown on the progressive art organizations.

  He was on the stage at the then Korean People's Army Art Theatre after Seoul was liberated during the past Fatherland Liberation War. Since then, his genuine life as an actor started.
  He appeared on the screen in June Juche 55(1966).
  Afterwards, he grew to be a veteran actor who could play both goodies and baddies skilfully under the meticulous guidance of the great leader Kim Jong Il.
  He played different parts in a number of feature films including "The Path to Awakening", "Hong Kil Dong", "The Invisible Fortress" and "The Birth of a New Government" in a peculiar way during his career as an actor.

  Especially, he played the role of Ito Hirobumi in the feature film "An Jung Gun Shoots Ito Hirobumi". In the film he showed his successful acting that vividly depicted the cunning nature of the aggressor.
  He was a passionate person who made painstaking efforts to perfect the film without neglecting even a scene and a speech.
  His acting was individual as it was based on his fluent and refined art of speaking, rich experience and deep study.
  People's Actor Hwang Yong Il is still remembered by the Korean people along with the impressive scenes in which he appears.