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A Woman Announcer of Great Note

  All the Korean people love and respect Ri Chun Hi who has been working as an announcer for over 50 years since her girlhood.
  Her courteous and venerable manner of speaking strikes the audience with admiration.
  Ri Chun Hi is a winner of the Kim Il Sung Prize, the top prize of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and Double Labour Hero.
  Her name is also well-known to listeners to and viewers of "Voice of Korea".
  In recent years we have received many e-mails from our audience, in which they expressed their interest in her.
  Vladimir Gudzenko of Russia asked us to introduce her in detail. And Yuta Suzuki of Japan also requested us to introduce Ri Chun Hi, saying that in Japan she is a person of great note and her confident and passionate speaking draws people.
  Li Chunguo and Liu Yuchen of China said they were moved by the refined voice of announcer Ri Chun Hi and called for sending her photo or her name card.
  In particular, Ruben Zepeda Azcano of Mexico informed us last year that he read the news of the inaugural ceremony of the famous Pothong Riverside Terraced Residential District in Pyongyang and said:
  "What is interesting is that I found announcers of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea among the residents. One of them was the famous announcer Ri Chun Hi. She is well-known as 'the pink lady' due to her appearances on your television to read the news in bright pink suits or Joson-ot."
  As already introduced through our website, the houses in the Pothong Riverside Terraced Residential District were provided to the meritorious persons who made a contribution to prosperity and development of the country.
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un took part in the inaugural ceremony to congratulate the meritorious persons who would live in the new houses.
  He called at the house of Ri Chun Hi, looked round all rooms one by one, listened to the impressions of her family and was greatly concerned if she wouldn't feel any inconveniences in going up and down the stairs in her house as she is aged.

  He expressed the expectation that she would, in the future, too, be engaged in broadcasting with vigour before taking a picture taken with her family.
  The veteran announcer is informing the world of Juche Korea, full of vigour with the stamina and passion of youth, and playing a big role in training the reserves who would shoulder the future of broadcasting.