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Important Issue on Feed
  In fish farming, feed is one of the three requisites along with breeding fish and water. Only when the feed problem is solved, is it possible to ensure profitability in the fish production, increase the weight and produce more fish with good taste and high nutritive value.
  What draws the attention of various units of late is the experience of the Unha Breed-Fish Station under the Ministry of Fisheries in fish breeding, which fully solves the feed problem while reducing the ratio of grain feed.
  Technical assistant Ri Hyo Jin says:
  "We produce different kinds of fry with high productivity according to the characteristics of the breed-fish station. We are now producing breeding fishes including 'big loach' of good breed, catfish, carp, mirror carp and silver carp, and sending them to the fish farms across the country."

  The station produces various sorts of feed including bio-feed by itself to revitalize the fish production.
  What is noteworthy here is to make an effective use of non-cereal feed such as water lettuce and animal bones in the production of breeding fish.
  The station uses as feed tens of tons of water lettuce produced in reservoirs and fishponds every year and such by-products as animal bones from a number of public catering amenities in the city. It has also manufactured equipment capable of producing swelling feed with its own efforts and technology, getting a lot of profits.
  Especially, it raises the survival rate of fry with various kinds of bio-feed produced in the bio-feed habitat.

  Fish farmer Sin Su Chol says:
  "I think it is our pride to produce more fry and send them to the fish farms across the country."

  They strive to make a contribution even a little to further enriching the people's diet and their efforts will bring a good fruition.