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Into Profitable Forests
  The demand for the saplings of great economic value is increasing day by day in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea amid the vigorous nationwide campaign to turn all the mountains into golden mountains and treasure mountains.

  In recent years, the Economic Forest Institute under the Academy of Forest Science has achieved successes by intensifying researches to widely propagate wild fruit trees.
  It directed great efforts to breeding high-yield choice varieties of white pine-nut trees and expounding their characteristics and to studying seasonal developmental phase, morphological features, growth and fruit-bearing specificity of citron varieties. In the course, a new bud grafting technique with higher breeding coefficient and rooting rate than before was completed and a new vegetative propagation method established to use both fresh and old branches.
  The institute also completed a new bud grafting technique to improve the native evodia into a choice variety. It has applied the technique to evodia forests across the country, laying a scientific foundation to turn all the evodias into those of choice variety in the shortest time.
  As a result, it has opened a prospect to increase the actual output ratio of young wild fruit trees on to a high level and made a number of successes in the work to further perfect the technology of creating forests of wild fruit trees.

  Now the scientists of the institute are devoting all their wisdom and passion to create forests giving actual benefits to the people.