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Three Minutes and Health
  It is very effective to make a good use of three minutes in everyday life.
  1. Clean your teeth continuously for three minutes.
  According to a tooth-brushing method introduced by dentists of a country, it is good to clean your teeth more than three times a day, within three minutes after meal and for three minutes.
  2. Drink cold water three minutes after taking hot foods.
  Taking hot foods expands the blood vessels. If you drink a lot of ice water at the time, the blood vessels constrict suddenly and the blood pressure rises, showing symptoms of dizziness, nausea, stomachache and flatulence. Therefore, you should avoid taking foods with big temperature difference in a short time.
  3. Get out of the bed three minutes after waking from sleep.
  According to statistical data, nearly 25 percent of the stroke cases and those with sudden death had a fit when they were getting up in the morning.
  Specialists advised the middle-aged and old patients with hypertension and heart disease not to get up hurriedly in the morning, but lie on bed for three minutes with their eyes closed before getting up. Keep your original posture and move your limbs and neck moderately to prevent big fluctuation in blood pressure.
  4. Never evacuate the bowels for more than three minutes.
  It is said that the bowels are given a great force at the time of evacuation. If long evacuation is repeated, the bowel mucosa hangs down to cause habitual constipation, haemorrhoids and other diseases.
  5. Combine three-minute rest with exercise.
  If you have a rest for only three minutes, it is said that the muscles of your body may store up enough energy to be consumed for the next exercise.