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To Meet the Increasing Demand
  The demand for Koryo medicines made with natural medicinal stuffs as raw materials gets higher among the Korean people with each passing day.
  Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories in the capital city of Pyongyang are pushing ahead with the work to improve the quality of medicines and develop new products.
  The Songyo Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory has built a number of production processes including the raw materials-sorting, cutting and incrassating processes according to the medicine production and quality control standards and is improving the quality of Koryo medicines.
  Recently, it has established a new process of extracting and filtering active ingredients of Koryo medicines quickly, further raising the efficacy of Koryo medicines.

  The Phyongchon Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory concentrates efforts on the production of over-the-counter and reserve medicines and actively introduces advanced technologies to expand the variety of Koryo medicines. In particular, it develops and produces tablets and liquid medicines specially good for treatment and prevention of cold.
  The Junggu, Tongdaewon and Moranbong Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factories also develop and produce Koryo medicines and health foods of different kinds which are conducive to strengthening the immunity of human body and curing diseases.

  The devoted efforts of the Koryo medicine producers contribute to protecting the lives of the people and improving their health.