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With Low Costs
  The Mangyongdae District Mushroom Farm is small and has no many employees.
  But the farm harvests a lot of mushrooms every year.
  It directed much effort to building up its own technical forces by running the sci-tech learning space on a regular basis while actively involving its employees in the study-while-working system.
  Officials disseminated mushroom cultivation techniques among the employees like "sci-tech disseminators" and sometimes checked how much they understood like strict "examiners".
  The farm often organized prize technical innovation contest and made it an important occasion of improving the qualifications of the officials, technicians and cultivators.
  As a result, a scientific and technological foundation has been laid to provide spores by itself and cultivation methods by substitute substrates and additives have been introduced to produce larger quantities of mushrooms with low costs.
  Recently, the farm has got greater benefits by recycling waste substrates after harvesting agaric.

  Now it is actively introducing new mushroom cultivation techniques which can lower the costs to the minimum.