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An Important Issue in Developing New Products

  The Ryuwon Footwear Factory is concentrating efforts on producing a larger amount of sports shoes of different shapes.
  Here is Section Chief Kim Yon Sun.
  "We are now carrying out the production plan as scheduled. At the same time, we are trying to create designs and develop new products in order to make ours famous goods and commodities. We are also conducting the technical innovation movement to establish a production process capable of improving the quality of the products with less manpower."

  Creating designs is one of the important issues for developing perfect goods.
  The factory raises the level of working ability of the sketchers and designers so that they can create new designs according to people's ages, varieties and seasons while actively applying the footwear design program. Besides, it induces the employees to participate in the creation of designs and makes the item of design creation separately in the new goods show held every month before appraising them.
  As a result, designs of new-type shoes are created.
  Along with it, the factory has worked hard to establish a mold production process by precision casting method and develop the shoe sole molds and shoetrees according to the new designs, thus laying firmer material and technical foundations for producing multifarious, diversified and multicoloured shoes.
  As a result, the factory is bringing about a tangible success in the development of new goods.
  Different sports shoes of 56 kinds presented by the factory were highly estimated at the recent "Spring National Footwear Exhibition--2023".

  With a determination to make the shoes they produce famous goods by constantly creating the new, the technicians of the factory are still making strenuous efforts all the more to present a greater number of valuable technical innovation proposals which can contribute to producing multifarious and diversified shoes.