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To Produce Wonderful Goods
  Officials and workers of several units are making redoubled efforts to achieve practical successes in production which are conducive to carrying out the national economic plan.
  The Samcholli Lighting Technology Company Ltd. in particular, has taken substantial measures to supply raw and other materials and establish the quality control system, providing a guarantee for normalized production.

  The company organizes a meeting of employees for presenting good ideas and inventions once a month as part of the measures to supply raw and other materials, one of the bottlenecks in carrying out its plan.
  Good opinions are raised at the meeting and new technologies are originated to produce a lot of LED lights with low costs and less materials.

  Here is Manager Pak Song Ryong.
  "We have also put efforts into ensuring the quality. We've established the quality control system to produce good-quality LED lights by checking up the whole technical processes raging from the first process to the last."

  Wonderful goods favoured by people are produced thanks to the devoted efforts of the officials and workers of the company taking substantial measures for its development.