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The US Imperialists, Provocateurs of the Korean War and Chieftain of Aggression
  The Korean War between 1950 and 1953 was a premeditated and provocative war of aggression provoked by the US imperialists to suffocate the Democratic People's Republic of Korea by force of arms and furthermore, to dominate Asia and the rest of the world.
  After the Second World War the United States emerged as the ringleader of world imperialism. Talking about its "mission to lead the world", the United States advocated the policy of attaching importance to Asia and the Far East.
  The US imperialists had an eye to Korea at the gateway to the continent, in particular, in Asia. When Korea was liberated from the Japanese imperialist colonial rule in August 1945, they resorted to their aggressive moves against Korea on a fuller scale.
  In September 1945 they had the impudence to occupy south Korea illegally under the pretext of "accepting the surrender of the Japanese army" and deployed most of the occupation forces in the area bordering on the 38th parallel.

US forces landing on the Inchon Port of south Korea
under the veil of "liberator" on September 8, 1945

US forces' occupation of south Korea

Young people drafted into the south Korean puppet army

The south Korean puppet army mobilized for war exercises

  The US imperialists knocked together the puppet army in south Korea and armed it with US-made equipment. In this way they put spurs to the preparations for a war.
  Here is researcher Pak Mun Chol at the History Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences.
  "The attempt of the US imperialists to take the DPRK as a bridgehead of realizing their ambition for world domination was more clearly revealed in the 'Schemes A, B and C'. These 'schemes' divided the war into three stages that anticipated starting with a war of aggression on Korea at the first stage (A), expanding the flames of war to Manchuria of China at the second stage (B) and occupying the whole Siberia of the Soviet Union including Ural at the last stage (C). This clearly proves that the Korean War was a war of aggression provoked by the US imperialists with their premeditated calculation and elaborate preparations in a bid to occupy the whole of Korea militarily and furthermore, to have Asia and the rest of the world under their thumb.
  These schemes were discussed and ratified at the US Joint Chiefs of Staff in January 1950."
  On June 17, a special envoy of the US President visited Seoul to give a directive on war provocation. Afterwards, a war scenario was finally confirmed at the talks between the brass hats of the US Department of State, Department of Defence and Joint Chiefs of Staff held in Tokyo.

Dulles, Advisor to the US Department of State,
inspecting the 38th parallel on June 18, 1950

The Korean War provoked on June 25, 1950

  Basing themselves on such preparations, the US imperialists triggered off the Korean War on the early morning of June 25, 1950.
  The historical facts nakedly indict that the US imperialists are provocateurs of the Korean War and war incendiaries.