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Barley Sprouts Cultivation Ground Pays Off
  The Eighth Enlarged Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea held in June stressed the need to take practical measures for increasing the output of dairy products and accelerate it consistently.
  Amid the work for increasing the milk production, the Hungsang Milch Cow Farm in South Hamgyong Province is achieving successes in more scientific feeding and breeding.

  The farm has directed great efforts to ensuring feed for taking care of the nutrition of milch cows.
  In the past, it built a black soldier fly-feeding ground and thus laid a foundation for increasing the feed production.
  Not resting content with it, the farm made a plan to use the highly nutritious barley sprouts as feed for milch cows.
  It built a new cultivation ground of 300 square metres and introduced hydroponics. It also established a light-controlling system favourable for the growth of the barley sprouts. In addition, it provided a guarantee for harvesting a lot of barley sprouts every day by improving the technical knowledge and skills of its employees.

  As a result, the farm could raise the weight increment of milch cows and remarkably boost the milk production as against before while saving the grain feed.
  At present, the cultivation ground is producing more feed than the amount produced on tens of hectares of land in the past with less manpower.
  Now the employees of the farm are working hard to hit a higher goal with the desire to produce more milk and provide it to the children.